Plastic fiber lighting design and installation precautions

2017-06-16 00:00

In lighting technology, plastic fiber lighting is a novel new lighting technology. Plastic fiber lighting has more flexibility in lighting design and construction, which is totally different from traditional lighting. The plastic fiber is the main body in the optical fiber lighting system. The function of plastic fiber is to transfer light to the designated place.

The optical fiber itself is not luminous, and the light emitted by the optical fiber is provided by the light source. A complete light source device shall consist of light bulb, drive device, resistance infrared and uv filter, color disk, cooling device and control device. The light bulb is the most important part of the light source, which determines the luminance and color of the optical fiber. In actual use, different lighting sources should be selected according to the design requirements.

The light source has the filter of the infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and the light that enters the fiber is the visible part. Combined with optical fiber for infrared and ultraviolet high loss characteristics, the output of an optical fiber light do not contain any infrared and ultraviolet radiation, the lighting for special occasions, such as cultural relics, jewelry, lighting, jewelry and other precious items.

The change of beam color is achieved by changing the color disk of different color, generally have red, yellow, green, blue and other eight colors, also can choose different color film according to actual requirement. Since the light source radiates a lot of heat, it must be cooled by cooling device to ensure the normal operation of the light source, and the cooling device generally adopts the fan.

Features of plastic optical fiber lighting

(1) the light travels along the plastic fiber path

In theory, light travels in straight lines. However, due to the diversity of practical application, it is hoped that it can easily change the direction of light transmission. This requirement is met by plastic optical fiber lighting, which is one of the biggest features of plastic fiber lighting.

(2) light and electricity separation

In traditional lighting, the general light source is to convert electric energy into light energy directly for lighting, light and electricity are inseparable. But electricity is dangerous, so in many cases, it is hoped that light and electricity can be separated to eliminate all kinds of hazards and ensure the safety of lighting. Plastic optical fiber lighting separates light and electricity very well and has high security.

Plastic optical fiber price

Problems in the design and installation of plastic optical fiber

1. Spacing of plastic fiber points:

In the design and installation of plastic optical fiber (pof), it is necessary to consider whether to highlight the luminous point or as the face type. Note the proper spacing to achieve the desired effect.

2. Optical fiber installation direction:

Through optical fiber output light strong directivity, and therefore in the process of design and installation according to the position of the observer to determine the optical fiber installation direction, so that observers felt the best visual effects.

3. Optical fiber use environment:

(1) ultraviolet ray can accelerate the aging of plastic optical fiber (pof) and destroy the transmission performance of plastic fiber. Therefore, the environment of plastic optical fiber can not have strong uv radiation. At the same time, in the process of using optical fiber, the fiber can not be exposed to organic solvents.

(2) in the process of adhesion optical fiber, it is unfavorable to use adhesives containing organic solvents.

(3) although the fiber has a strong water-resistance, it is not suitable to soak the optical fiber end face directly in the water for a long time, which will disengage the core layer and the cladding layer, thus affecting the performance of the optical fiber. If you need to install the fiber in the water, deal with the end of the fiber. If you can glue some water resistant material to the end of the fiber, or seal it with the fiber optic lamp holder.

4. Ambient illumination of optical fiber:

Small billboards, tabletop decorative objects made with end - faced plastic optical fibers, as well as installed in the room, still have a good display effect in the environment of 300 lux. For the large outdoor decoration and the environment of using the luminescent plastic fiber decoration, the lighting decoration effect can only be achieved when the illumination is below 50 lux.

5. Optical fiber use length and end face processing:

The brightness of the optical fiber output is related to the length of the fiber and the coupling of the input end and the light source.

(1) the shorter the plastic fiber, the higher the output light. So the length of choosing plastic fiber should be determined according to the brightness required. In general, the use length should not be more than 30 meters. When you need to use a longer, more long-range optical fiber, you can use two light sources to connect.

(2) in order to make plastic optical fiber input end face and light source better coupling, make sure the input end face is clean and smooth. When necessary, grinding and polishing the input surface with appropriate grinding methods.

(3) when the plastic optical fiber input end is connected with the light source, it is necessary to make the plastic optical fiber input end face perpendicular to the light direction of the light source to obtain the maximum input light effect.

(4) plastic optical fiber end face of the output light directivity is stronger, to expand the visual range, can be treated according to the requirements of the end surface, such as combined with fiber optic lamp holder, end face with high temperature contraction after forming of spherical shape, with the rough surface of sand paper burnish.

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