The plastic fiber will promote the development of optical fiber to household projects

2017-06-16 00:00

The plastic fiber will facilitate the development of optical network projects such as optical fiber to household

The core layer of plastic fiber is composed of polycarbonate, PMMA and high transparent polymer such as polystyrene. The outer skin is made up of some optical fibers such as fluorine and PMMA. Its core diameter is 50/125um and 62. Compared to 5/125 um quartz glass multimode optical fiber, plastic optical fiber core diameter up to 250 ~ 1000 um even greater, the connection can be used without optical fiber positioning sleeve cheaper injection plastic connector, even connect optical fiber core alignment in plus or minus 30 um deviation will not affect the coupling of the fiber loss. Plastic fiber is more convenient for construction, and the core diameter of 250um or greater eliminates the intermodal noise of quartz glass fiber.

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Plastic optical fiber with quartz fiber, the replacement of copper cable into ordinary homes has become the best choice for intelligent family life in the future. All-optical networks plastic optical fiber transmission rate up to 100 MBPS / 100 m, not only in the last stage of the "optical fiber to the home" to solve the "last 100 meters" access problem, the optical fiber to the home, fiber to the desktop, satisfy the requirements of the people of the whole optical communication, and compared with copper cable, plastic optical fiber is more low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, in line with the national broadband access network and light into the development strategy of copper retreated.

It is understood that China mobile has used plastic optical fiber to carry out the whole optical network pilot in jiangxi province. Plastic optical fiber is used in the optical network project of 600 000 square meters of residential area in tangshan city, hebei province.

The construction of optical fiber integrated wiring network has been promoted to national strategy, and the construction of optical network will be a long time to improve related equipment and facilities. In addition, state grid is testing plastic optical fiber in "smart grid" and "power fiber to household". At present, there are many all-optical network construction projects in China which are applied and widely valued, and the optical network will enter the ordinary households through the "optical fiber entry" project.

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