2017 China international fiber optic cable exhibition

2017-06-17 01:52

E-power 2017 17th China international electric Power equipment and smart grid exhibition

Time: May 4-6, 2017

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center


China electric technology association

China electric appliance industry association

Shanghai electrician technology association

Shanghai institute of electrical engineering

Shanghai electric appliance industry association

The whole industry chain presents the world's top power industry solutions

The famous Chinese electric Power electrician and smart Power grid exhibition e-power (known as the China full-power exhibition) came to a close on May 26, 2016. After 16 years of development and accumulation, E - Power as the Power industry exhibition, leading from the energy Power generation, substation, transmission and distribution to the terminal of related equipment and technologies, to the end user to provide a procurement, inspection, trade platform of the communication. The scale and quality of the exhibition have been steadily improved, which has been praised by the industry and has become one of the exhibition of scale and influence of industry. From the perspective of world energy development, the development and utilization of all kinds of new energy and renewable energy is remarkable. In march this year, the party central committee and the state council jointly issued "several opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system (hereinafter referred to as" 9 ") and the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration issued new electric change first supporting scheme on the improvement of electric power operation regulation to promote clean energy multiple ManFa guidelines "(hereinafter referred to as" guidelines ") are actively promote new energy and renewable energy power generation and other effective connection of power supply, power grid, expand the market space for clean energy.

In order to meet the market development demand, e-power 2017 will continue to be held in Shanghai new international expo center from May 4-6. Whether it is the scale of the exhibition, the visibility of the exhibitors, or the industry's awareness and the number of viewers, it will be unprecedented. Will be more comprehensive publicity strategy, more detailed exhibition area plan, build a big exhibition that covers the whole industrial chain of electric power. This is not only an opportunity for people to gather together and talk about friendship, but also to build a better communication platform for the industry to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the power industry in China. The exhibition area of 40,000 meters, 560 exhibitors and 31,000 professional spectators will be presented!

Professional exhibition will bring you more new exhibition experience

Multidimensional marketing

The exhibition organizers will through a series of innovative multi-channel, multi-dimensional way of promotion, to make the exhibition brand image to define more clearly, direct and important customers, potential buyers for exhibitors to seek more benefits.

20+ domestic and foreign trade association cooperation support

200+ domestic and foreign industry vertical media exposure

230,000 viewers EDM (direct mail) data

8000+ WeChat fan information push

Guests were transferred to the audience at 1800+

10+ domestic and foreign mass media/portal site interview coverage

Business matching service

In order to enhance the exhibition return and experience of exhibitors, the organizers decided to launch an international hospitality program to meet the business matching services during the exhibition. Exhibitors can show products and services to high quality buyers by participating in the commercial matching service, and the buyer should negotiate with the exhibitors according to the number of requirements.

At the same time, our domestic audience invites the center to invite the following industry potential buyers:

Industrial enterprise users: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, steel, cement, coal, textile, transportation, electronics, electric power, environmental protection, transportation, machinery, complete equipment manufacturers, traders, etc. Construction industry users: real estate developers, construction contractors, decoration, decoration companies, architects, designers, engineers, exporters and importers, distributors, manufacturers, purchasing department, building, property management agencies, industry, and the end user. Government and services: related government departments, planning departments, municipal engineering, design research institutions, competent agencies, associations, associations, media units, etc.

The schedule

Report for the exhibition: 09:00-18:00, May 2, 2017

Exhibition time: 09:00-16:30, May 4th, 2017

May 6, 2017 09:00-13:30

Exhibitor's withdrawal: 14:00-18:00, May 6, 2017

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center

Exhibits range

1. Power generation equipment and technology:

Thermal power & hydropower & nuclear power, power plant equipment and accessories, industrial electrical equipment (uninterrupted power supply, generator sets, etc.)

2. Intelligent transmission and transformation equipment:

Switch equipment, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, transformer & accessories, digital substation, electric wire and cable conductor & lightning arrester & insulator, tower, power quality, harmonic control and reactive power compensation, power electronics, instrumentation, electrical hardware, bus

3. Power grid dispatch/control/security check:

SCADA/EMS/DMS system, power grid scheduling system, power plant automation, distribution network automation device, transformer substation integrated automation, relay protection device, large screen display system, power system simulation, electric inspection robot, information management automation, fault diagnosis and self-healing device

4. Power communication and information:

Internet of things technology, industrial Ethernet, fiber optic cable, software and hardware, power carrier, wireless communication, information management system, monitoring equipment

5. Intelligent metering and electricity management:

Smart meters & chips, data acquisition & management, components

6. Electrical accessories:

Machine cabinet, cable accessories & connectors, electromagnetic wires, wiring terminals, insulation materials, electrical alloys, electrical equipment, wiring equipment

7. Power safety protection:

Repair vehicles, maintenance tools, high-altitude operating equipment, electrical safety tools.

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