The independent innovation ability of plastic fiber needs to be strengthened continuously

2017-06-16 00:00

In the construction of modern communication networks, fiber optic cable has been occupied the main position in recent years, the plastic optical fiber communication industry in China have to speed up the development of the condition, the need to strengthen the overall planning, rational layout. However, the independent innovation ability of plastic fiber in China has yet to be strengthened.

The heavy burden enterprises and leading enterprises in the optical fiber communication industry should invest in technological research and development and technological transformation, and strive to improve product technology and production technology. These problems require close cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, and jointly solve the problems, and put the product manufacturing, operation service and user's use into a large industrial chain environment to make overall consideration and overall planning.

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According to the present situation of plastic fiber industry in China, the development of national fiber industry can be promoted from the following three aspects.

First, establish a technical standard alliance. The technical standard alliance plays an important role in realizing the standardization strategy between enterprises, reducing the standardization risk and cost, coordinating the knowledge property of the technical standard language.

Second, we should jointly tackle international trade barriers. At present, China's plastic fiber products are still in the initial stage of "going out". With the growth of the export of plastic fiber products in China, there will be more and more international trade barriers in the future. Domestic enterprises should have corresponding countermeasures and adequate ideological preparations. Domestic fiber enterprises should work together to protect their legitimate rights and interests under the organization of industry associations.

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Third, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and the Soviet fiber national engineering laboratory. Give full play to the Soviet union, the role of optical fiber for the development of national engineering laboratory platform, through the national engineering laboratory of plastic optical fiber communication industry chain enterprises, division of labor is responsible, breakthrough technology bottlenecks, respectively, to resolve technical challenges, common development, promote the industrial chain and supply chain between enterprises of mutual benefit and common development.

In the research and development of optical fiber, production and core technologies, key links and other aspects, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries; In terms of key technologies and products such as optical devices, optical modules and optical systems, we need to strengthen research and development, and achieve technological and industrial breakthroughs.

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