The development prospect of plastic fiber in China is analyzed

2017-06-17 01:52

Plastic optical fiber (POF) is made from high transparent polymer such as polystyrene (PS), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) as the core layer material, PMMA, fluorine plastic materials as the cortex of optical fiber (fiber optics). Different materials have different light attenuation properties and temperature application ranges.

Plastic optical fiber has been developing in China for more than ten years, but the current understanding of plastic optical fiber is still insufficient, especially in technical engineering design.

Plastic optical fiber manufacturers

The future development of plastic fiber needs to be broken. The present situation of the development of plastic optical fiber is mainly embodied in several aspects: first, the application of plastic optical fiber standard, the industry association, product development and application of guidance there is a lack of guidance, lack of communication, market orientation is not clear. 2. The technology of plastic raw materials, fiber making technology, optical device development and manufacturing technology are relatively backward. It is still necessary to cooperate with overseas enterprises to develop and introduce digestible absorption. Third, there is no real "scale enterprise", especially the communication class plastic optical fiber, the optical device market size is small, the whole market size is less than 1 billion yuan.

The design and application of optical devices are also insufficient, which leads to the serious disconnection between plastic optical fiber and optical devices and the market, which is also the main reason for the inability to scale applications.

Previously, some experts believe that the lack of innovative business models for plastic fiber has not been widely used. Plastic optical fiber and optical devices are important links in network technology. The coordination of plastic optical fiber, industrial alliance of optical devices, industry association and other organizations is the key to scale promotion. With the rapid development of science and technology, the development of plastic optical fiber will be more and more extensive.

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