The application of plastic fiber to automotive electronics

2017-06-16 00:00

When a car rides on the Internet, it means that the concept of "big data" also goes to the traditional car industry. Suppliers such as OEM and spare parts and aftermarket are developing more advanced driver auxiliary functions and on-board entertainment systems. Therefore, the current management of data flow and use of automobile users is becoming more and more important.

Features of plastic optical fiber:

Plastic optical fiber with a high bandwidth, light weight, save auto wiring space, data is not affected by electromagnetic interference, high speed data transmission, large amount of data, no crosstalk, low price, without the advantages of radio waves, and electromagnetic interference, MOST MOST plastic optical fiber cables by special plastic optical fiber cable with MOST accord with a standard pin, shell, shell cover, dust cap, corrugated pipe, etc. Used in high-grade top luxury cars, mainly is the multimedia entertainment systems, GPS, car phone functions such as utilization, large amount of data, loss of small, speed, strong anti-interference, etc.

Features of M.O.S.T plastic fiber jumper:

MOST solid line transmission, and it is optical fiber transmission lines, and can be a plastic optical fiber (save costs), using optical fiber can make information transfer rate increase, the future transmission potential is higher also, at the same time also can relatively robust transmission (because no ground loop, and is not affected by electromagnetic interference).

2003 MOST of the control network technology gradually expand, there are at least ten kinds of MOST European production car adopted the technology, including the German porsche, audi, Mercedes, BMW, Sweden's Volvo, saab, Italy's fly astra, lancia, France Citroen, Peugeot, etc. MOST distribution scale (because MOST tastes heavier European rules, so that the car USES less proportion, only 9%, while European cars adopted the MOST, 58%, the brand is somewhere in between, is 33%.)

Plastic optical fiber supplier

The vehicle-mounted system screen seems to be much more and no moral integrity, such as whether to take an objective view of DVD streaming media content, or to provide 3 d navigation data to the driver, in the process of video coding/decoding, require vehicle system has enough strong processing capacity. But don't forget that the driver has hearing and touch as well as vision. The current lane departure warning system can shake the steering wheel, which is the result of the tactile research. In the future, focus should be on developing more vehicle-mounted technologies that can mobilize the driver's senses.

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