Car control system

M.O.S.T. (Media Oriented Systems Transport multimedia guide system) standard by Europe's 16 major automobile manufacturers in 2000 to develop, the standard specified plastic optical fiber as a data network transmission medium in the car, mainly supports the application of in-car entertainment information, so that the car information transmission speed of 900 MBPS. M.O.S.T. (Media Oriented Systems Transport multimedia navigation system) is a LAN that connects audio devices, car TV, GPS and car phone devices. In short distance data transmission and industrial automation dominate, it is more important to improve vehicle safety performance and information entertainment function. The complexity of the wiring, the complicated connector, the control of the old and the copper wire are not enough to solve the problems that the car peripherals need. 2003 MOST of the control network technology gradually expand, there are at least ten kinds of MOST European production car adopted the technology, including the German porsche, audi, Mercedes, BMW, Sweden's Volvo, saab, Italy's fly astra, lancia, France Citroen, Peugeot, etc.

The company has been working on the development and application of plastic optical fiber connection technology. Cooperate with plastic optical fiber applications in the car, launched a series of M.O.S.T. plastic fiber optic jumper, with a strict face polishing technology and precise optical testing method to ensure M.O.S.T. plastic optical fiber jumper high quality level.

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