Project background:

With the development of computer, communication and network technology, faster and faster pace of global informationization, the network information system has become a country, an industry, a group, seek to develop an enterprise infrastructure. The human feel the network information system of great contribution to the social civilization at the same time, also to realize the network information security has become a state, military industry and long-term interests and major key problems to be solved. For countries, there is no network security solutions, there is no information infrastructure security, there is no network on the space of state sovereignty and national security, the country's political, military, economy, culture, education, social life and so on will be under the threat of information warfare.


Programme introduction:

Provide optical fiber to the desktop (FTTD) network in office building

Optical fiber to the desktop (FTTD) network is generally laid in the office building. This paper will take a 4-story office building as an example to illustrate the process of laying the fiber to the desktop (FTTD) network.

The server room is located on the first floor. The other floors are the office area.


The network of optical fiber to the desktop (FTTD) can be divided into three areas for wiring, namely: server room wiring, office area wiring and office desktop wiring.

Server room wiring

Before starting the wiring, it is necessary to determine the type of network equipment such as the switch, the use quantity and type of optical cable and the route plan of the cable according to the actual demand.


Because the fiber optic cable is weak and not easy to manage, the optical fiber to the desktop (FTTD) should be minimized. One of the effective ways to do this is to use BiDi optical modules on switches, so that the number of optical cables is reduced by half. Below are the BiDi optical modules recommended for use in the server room, and the type of optical fiber jumpers and switches that are used with them:


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