Project background

With further strengthening and deepening of enterprise information, the increase of the cost, a waste of resources, management of chaos is also increased dramatically, the server utilization rate is low, unbalanced utilization efficiency. Engine rooms now run most of the machine utilization rate is very low, due to a server can have only one operating system, restricted by system and software development platform, CPU, memory, disk space resources utilization rate is not more than 15%, large amounts of system resources are idle.

Virtualization technologies are transforming the state of the IT industry, enabling organizations to dynamically improve the performance and efficiency of the IT infrastructure. Make the virtual machine play a significant role in the organization, and each virtual machine exists as a group file that simulates the entire hardware platform, including the CPU, RAM, and network ports. The powerful technology to break the "one server an application" of the traditional system, sum up the advantages are: improve server utilization, realizes the server high availability, easy to manage, easy to maintain.


Programme introduction:


Implementation features:

In response to the above situation, the company (lr - link) is cooperating with the sole listed Toyou Feiji Electronics Co., ltd. in China. The virtualization storage solution implemented by the company is the unified storage solution of fc-san, ip-san, and NAS.

Excellent caching algorithm, which greatly reduces response latency by 50%;

SSD mixed storage pool can effectively prevent the starting storm and reduce TCO.

Online compression reduces the front-end application load and supports more desktops;

Redelete function to reduce the space occupied by 80%;

Multiple data protection measures to make the desktop safer;

Compatible with VMware, Citrix, KVM and other virtualization systems;

Support OpenStack, CloudStack and other platforms.

In the scheme, a large number of unream card lrec9812bf-2sfp + has been used to accelerate the whole scheme, improve the overall performance of the system, and improve the operation efficiency of the user by 50%. Reduce negative technology, enhance desktop density, further reduce project cost; Reduce maintenance and management expenses, get rid of the problems and updates of PC machine all day long; Centralized management of all critical data to avoid loss of core systems or data due to terminal security.

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