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Shenzhen chuangli optical fiber materials co., ltd. is specialized in the development, production and sales of plastic fiber series products, and provides plastic fiber supporting services, and has its own brand -- xin chuangli, the company was founded in December 2013, shenzhen bao 'an district shajing street, jiuba industrial city, building 7 huashang industry and trade floor.

Shenzhen create profit fiber optical material co., LTD. Xin brand communication create profit specializing in the production of plastic optical fiber 1.0 2.2 mm outside the core 0.5 1.0 mm outside core 0.25 mm from 1.0 mm core outside the 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm double core 1.0 2.2 duplex plastic optical fiber cable PMMA plastic optical fiber optic illumination with perfect fiber optical fiber (milky white brick light water fiber optic light plastic optical fiber light source device 45 wled plastic optical fiber is 16 w LED light source machine Double-head 32W light source 75w high-power LED lamp 150w halogen light source 12V car starry sky light source skirt car atmosphere optical fiber power failure indication optical fiber

Shenzhen chuangli fiber optical materials co., LTD. Has processing plastic fiber jumper, Siemens fiber jumper, ABB fiber jumper, schneider fiber jumper, AOVGO fiber jumper, tbea fiber jumper, VIP wind fiber jumper, inweiteng electric fiber jumper, anhuagao fiber jumper, HFBR4511HFBR4503, HFBR4531, HFBR4533, HFBR4506, HFBR4516, HFBR4521 HFBR4532HFBR1521HFBR2521HFBR2521HFBR2522 full-bodied red core optical fiber optical fiber optic jumpers audio line sensing optical fiber line of plastic optical fiber sensor TOSHIBATOCP200 TOCP155 TOCP255TOCP100 elevator fiber products such as professional production and processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system.

Shenzhen create profit fiber optical material co., LTD., is vigorously develop low damage plastics optical fiber in the application of short distance data transmission, 24 mouth plastic optical fiber core software technology of production machines 12 plastic optical fiber exchange exchange of eight plastic optical fiber exchange machine four plastic optical fiber exchange and for the world to provide quality and cheap plastic optical fiber transmission system and the plastic optical fiber access network integration system, and FTTH, FTTD, home network, local area network (LAN), consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, security monitoring, national defense military and other fields of equipment providers and service providers to share the results. The short distance plastic fiber has the advantages of anti-interference, high speed, high fidelity, high bandwidth and high performance. Widely used in DVD, CD, VCR, game console, computer peripheral equipment, communication system and audio and video equipment and other voice, image, data information transmission, and used in measurement and monitoring, liquid lighting, city lighting, special lighting.

Shenzhen chuang li optical fiber optical materials co., LTD. Acting sales and agent mitsubishi fiber dongli plastic fiber optic cable CK10 CK20 CK30 CK40 CK60 CK80 lighting naked optical fiber sh-1004sh-1009-1.25 sh-4001 sh-4002 bh-2001 high temperature resistant optical fiber cable bh-4001 high temperature resistant optical fiber cable

Shenzhen chuangli optical fiber materials co., LTD is willing to work together with the vast number of new and old customers, complicit in the development, to meet tomorrow's brilliant. "Honesty and pragmatism, research and innovation, take the society, give back to the society" is our business philosophy. Shenzhen chuangli optical fiber materials co., LTD. 's integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations.

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